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Screen shot of StructureDB

StructureDB is a molecular database for Bioclipse. It uses the Java based relational database HSQLDB which means that there is no need for a database administrator to set up a database before the user can start. Instead all that is handled 'under the hood' of Bioclipse. All chemoinformatic tasks are done using CDK in Bioclipse. In other words there are no specific chemically related things going on in the database. This means that the system is not overly fast. The goal has been to build a system which is easy to start with. Perhaps we can make a variant based on one of the faster chemical databases (e.g. Mychem, Pgchem) in the future which can be shifted into if the user has outgrown the HSQLDB database.

The current data model for the domain objects used from the Java source code.


The current database in a E/R-diagram. (The things in the cloud are not yet implemented)