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This page gives an overview of the ongoing sub projects in Bioclipse. Please look at the Roadmap to see the development plan.

See also the Projects category (might contain projects that are missing here).

Target Release Maintainer Status
Automating plugin documentation Samuell Proposal
BASE2 plugin Masak Prototype exists. Pending Base2 database population.
Bioclipse Classpath Egon Willighagen
Bioclipse Decision Support Ola Stable
Bioclipse as a client for BioMoby Ola Beta
Bioclipse databases Jonalv StructureDB in final stages
Bioclipse packaging and deployment Egon Willighagen Planned
Bioclipse packaging and deployment (Old: Bioclipse1) Egon Willighagen
Bioinformatics use cases Masak In progress
Brunn Jonalv N/A
CDK plugin Egon Willighagen
CIBA Daniel Surdyk Alpha
Data analysis project Martin Eklund In progress
HIVDRC client Ola Beta
HPC Functionality Samuell Proposal
Inchi in Bioclipse Egon Willighagen In progress
Integrate R in Bioclipse Valentin Georgiev Working plugin, R-console.
JChemPaint Stable
Java Bean Support in Recording Egon Willighagen Proposal
MetaPrint2D Ola Stable
Metabolomics 2.4 Egon Willighagen In progress
MoSS in Bioclipse Annsofie Andersson Prototype exists. Needs polishing.
MolTable Arvid Berg Stable
Molecular filtering Ola In progress
Pharmacophore visualization Ola In progress
QSAR Project with automated builds Ola Stable
Rich Browser in Bioclipse Ola Planned
Run Workflows inside Bioclipse Ola Experimental
Source drops Egon Willighagen
Subversion inside Bioclipse Ola Proof of concept
VScreen Ola Beta
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