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This article will show how you package and deploy Bioclipse for different platforms.


Eclipse >=3.4.0.

1. Download and install the Eclipse-RCP delta pack matching your eclipse version from This includes the OS-dependent fragments so that you can build for several platforms, not just the one you have installed.


1. Check out a fresh copy of all the features and plugins that you'd like to export. See for more help with this.

2. Open bioclipse.product to reveal the "product configuration editor". Make sure configuration is based on option "features" and not "plug-ins". List all features you'd like to export on the "Configuration" tab. Confirm it runs by clicking "Run" in the product editor. If a feature has changed, this will most likely result in a failure. Try removing all features from the product editor, save, add them back again, save, and try running again. This is an annoying Eclipse synchronization bug.

3. In the bioclipse.product, click on "Eclipse product export wizard" in the "Overview" tab.

 Choose: "/bioclipse/bioclipse.product"
 Root directory: "bioclipse"
 Synchronize: yes
 Archive file: e.g. "/path/to/"
 Include source: no
 Multiple platforms: yes 

4. Next>

5. select all OS you'd like to export for.

6. Finish

That should be it.

--Ola 17:31, 21 January 2009 (CET)