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Bioclipse Project
Maintainer:Annsofie Andersson
Plugins path:net.bioclipse.moss, net.bioclipse.moss.ui
Status:Prototype exists. Needs polishing.
Wiki page last updated:2010-01-28

MoSS is a program to find frequent molecular substructures and discriminative fragments in a database of molecule descriptions. This project aims at implementing the DescriptorProvider extension point with MoSS descriptors, and also be able to use MoSS-features inside of Bioclipse.


Documentation around the MOSS plugin for Bioclipse 2 can be found in the repository as

Follow the project on .


  • Run MOSS on a SMILES++ file [DONE]
  • Run MOSS in IMolecule [NOT DONE]


  • Move run functionality to the MossManager [NOT DONE]