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This wiki mainly contains resources for development of Bioclipse.

What's new?


16 August 2012: Bioclipse 2.6 has reached Beta status. (see Bioclipse_2.6_Release)

9 July 2010: Bioclipse 2.4 has been released (see announcement).

Latest news

Read about the latest Bioclipse news on the Bioclipse home page and the Planet Bioclipse.

Upcoming releases/events

OpenTox Online Seminar: Integrating OpenTox in Bioclipse (Wed, 25 May 2011, 15:00 CEST). To register for the seminar, visit

See the Bioclipse2 release plan.

Get in touch with the Community

Where is Bioclipse developed?

Bioclipse development is done at a number of different sites all over the world, among which Uppsala, Sweden (main site); EBI, Hinxton, UK, Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), Leiden (Netherlands), and others. Please see Bioclipse Developers for information about the developers and contributors. We document answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ.


Bioclipseblog is the official Bioclipse Project Blog, includes other blogs related to Bioclipse.

Mailing lists

There are several Bioclipse mailing lists available.


Developers chat on daily basis on IRC at #bioclipse at A log of the chat is available at: and

This wiki

This wiki also used as a communication/collaboration tool for some purposes. Find such content, by category below:

This wiki is edited by contributors of Bioclipse. Accounts are given/maintained by Ola.

Need help editing this wiki?


If you would like to join the Bioclipse development, please read the Getting involved article, as well as the material found below.

Getting Started

The main tutorials (the most up to date ones):

More reading:

An integrated step-by-step guide:

Reporting bugs

Selected Resources

For more info, see: