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Logging and messaging

TODO: Please add some information on *where* one can actually find the log file :-)

This is how Bioclipse messaging should work:

  • All System.out should be replaced by logger.debug with suitable level. No System.out should exist in Bioclipse.
  • All plugins should register and initialize the logger in the Activator. See bc_jmol for reference.
  • MessageBox should echo info to the user for important errors, e.g. if file parsing failed, saving failed, or Exceptions.
  • BioclipseConsole should be used to echo info to the user that he really wants to see.
  • Use logger for messages that makes sense to have in an informative log file, see below for levels
  • IMPORTANT! ALWAYS LOG! Even if you show a messagebox, also log the error. Same for all user messaging. Logs can never be too extensive if you use a proper level.

[edit] Logger messages levels in Bioclipse

  • logger.error: An error has occured.
  • logger.warn: Something does not seem right, but not sure if it really is an error
  • logger.info: Message that the user would like to see. E.g. Bioclipse started on 2006-05-01 at 03.45
  • logger.debug: Preferably ALL operations. Can almost never be too extensive,but please do not clutter with useless things only used in development (such as print out all objects in an array)