How to write JUnit plugin tests

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Development tutorial
Responsible author:Ola
Bioclipse version:N/A
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Last updated:2009-10-10

Some plugins require e.g. the workspace to be intialized (for access to Projects/Resources etc). This is a step-by-step guide for this.

Writing PluginTests

  • Install the target platform or your tests will fail.
  • Write JUnit tests in a dedicated test-plugin
  • you might need to add the plugin 'org.eclipse.jdt.junit4.runtime' to the manifest. I don't know why this is needed. Please update here if this is outdated!

Running PluginTests

  • Right-click the test, Run as > JUnit Plugin-test

Eclipse might try to start the Eclipse platform with your test (and not Bioclipse), this is not what we want. To resolve:

  • Open Run dialog and select the created run config under JUnit Plugin tests
  • On the Main tab, select the product to be 'net.bioclipse.ui.product'
  • On the Plugin tab, select in combo "plugins selected below only"
  • Deselect all plugins, select the plugin that contained your test, uncheck the two checkboxes below, and add required plugins
  • Run.


  • I always need to set target platform before running a junit plugin test. Others don't require this. Could be a hint if it fails for you.