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Development tutorial
Responsible author:Shk3
Bioclipse version:N/A
"N/A" is not a number.
Last updated:2009-10-10

The new intro page in Bioclispe 2.0 (from beta version) is using Eclipse universal intro.

To hook in an article/action/web page, you need the following in your plugin.xml:


Then you need to write the file introData.xml in the intro folder accordingly:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
   <extensionContent id="net.bioclipse.intro.workbench" style="css/sample.css" name="Bioclipse Workbench" path="overview/@">
      <group style-id="content-group" id="workbench-group">
          <link label="My Contributed Topic" url="http://org.eclipse.ui.intro/showPage?id=myPageID" id="myLinkID">
              <text>explanation to topic  </text>

     <page id="myPageID" style="/intro/overview.css" style-id="page">
     <title style-id="intro-header">What is Bioclipse</title>
     <include path="overview/navigation-links"/>
     <group id="page-content">
           <group id="content-header" label="What is Bioclipse" filteredFrom="swt">
           <text style-id="page-title" id="page-title" filteredFrom="html">HEADER</text>
           <text style-id="page-description" id="page-description">
                CONTENT GOES HERE



The path="overview/@" means you contribute to the Overview section in the Welcome page. The allowed sections are:

  • overview
  • firststeps
  • tutorials
  • samples
  • whatsnew
  • webresources

The real action is defined in the following line:


In order to include a cheat sheet on front page, you need a link like this:

         <link label="Submit to NMRShiftDB" url="http://org.eclipse.ui.intro/showStandby?partId=org.eclipse.platform.cheatsheet&input=net.bioclipse.bc_nmrshiftdb.cheatsheet.SubmitCheatsheet">
             <text>Explains how to add data to the NMRShiftDB database.</text>

The & must be in as & a m p ; and not &. Note you need the org.eclipse.platform plugin for the cheat sheet to display.

The command showPage can be replaced with several other actions, see under the link section on

For more examples, see plugin net.bioclipse.ui in the subfolder intro.