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There are many ways you can contribute to Eclipse, and here I would like to give some guidance for developers.

How to contribute to bioclipse

Please present yourself on the mailinglist bioclipse-devel and explain your background and what you would like to contribute with.

If you have existing code that you'd like to have integrated into Bioclipse you can either:

a) Send this code to the bioclipse-devel mailinglist and get a developer to include it in the GIT repo
b) Clone a git repo and submit a patch or pull request (see Git Development)

Example of contributions

  • An action (global menu, view meny, drop-down menu in the FileViewer etc) that makes it possible to run an algorithm on a certain type of BioResource, e.g. a molecule, spectra, sequence
  • A view (window within an existing perspective) that allows for your custom visualization
  • A perspective with several views. For example, if it makes sence to have a separate set of Views for a certain type of functionality. Example of exisiting perspectives are: "Chemoinformatics", "Sequence", "Spectrum" etc.
  • A new type of Resource, for example a spectrum, an output file from an instrument, or another type of file that you would like to integrate into Bioclipse

These contributions could reside in a new plugin or be additions to existing plugins, depending on the provided functionality and dependencies.