General design model for Bioclipse2

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Here's how we envision some core relationships of the design of Bioclipse2. — masak and Jonalv

Bioclipse2 data model.png

I have started this sketch like class diagram for this structure. Please come with feedback. Jonalv


Here follows a sketch for how the plugin structure for the manager objects could work. There are two extension points to take a look at. scriptingContribution is a way to publish an object into the scripting environment and since Rhino has a somewhat intimate relation to the jvm it doesn't need any interfaces just the object. (at least I hope this works...) The other extension point is defined in the ui plugin for biojava. It uses is a way to get a hold on the same object but this time since the biojava.ui plugin has a dependency to to it knows about the interface the service implements. The actual service can be done as a Spring bean and be injected into the extension point (so to speak) in some way (still a bit unclear on the details here). The OSGI framework will also allow other published services to be used in the bean. This is how currently envision things to be working. — Jonalv 16:44, 28 November 2007 (CET)