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This page will give information on the documentation requirements for the Bioclipse 1.0 release.

Since the idea of release 1.0 is to be sort of a preview release for potential users, the main attention is on end user documentation, and much less on JavaDoc, and tutorial.

The user manual is kept in the Plugin/doc directories and exported for the web and put on the website by admins.

General idea of types of documentation

Every plugin should provide:

  • Screenshot of each full perspective with all views with explanation
  • Screenshot of each view with explanation
  • Actions descriptions
  • Wizards/dialogs decription with screenshots
  • At least one step-by-step tutorial (a perfect occupation on the train/plane/terminal from Cologne to Berlin)

About pages

All plugins should have an About help page which lists copyright, licenses (for third party libraries too!), URLs, and preferably a bibliography of related articles (e.g. the CDK about.html should cite the two CDK articles).

Order in the help toc.xml

  • About
  • Perspective
  • Views
  • Wizards
  • Editors
  • Actions
  • Tutorials

Hardcoded tasks

  • Jmol scripting language [DONE]
  • Menus in JCP (Tobias)

Legacy links: User Manual, Feature List