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Development tutorial
Responsible author:Ola
Bioclipse version:N/A
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Last updated:2010-06-23

Naming conventions

Bioclipse is a platform and the core feature is named "Bioclipse Platform" with feature ID: "net.bioclipse"

Features and Plugins should adhere to the general Eclipse naming convention with the exception that if they are open source plugins that should be hosted on the BioclipseUpdateSite, their ID should start with net.bioclipse.

All plug-ins (and plug-in fragments), including the ones that are part of the Bioclipse Platform, must have unique identifiers following the same style of naming convention as Java packages. For example, the CDK libraries are in the plugin with ID net.bioclipse.cdk.

Additionally, directory names and project names (as defined in .project file) should have the value as the ID. Therefore, the net.bioclipse.cdk plugin is in git repo under folder: plugins/plugins/net.bioclipse.cdk/ and has the project name net.bioclipse.cdk.

The plug-in namespace is managed hierarchically; do not create plug-in without prior approval from the owner of the enclosing namespace.

Extension Point naming conventions

Extension points that expect multiple extensions should have plural names. For example, "providers" rather than "provider".

Naming git repositories

Git repositories should preferably be namned bioclipse.x (e.g. bioclipse.metaprint2d).

Naming features

Bioclipse features are named like:

  • ID: "net.bioclipse.chemoinformatics-feature" Name: "Chemoinformatics"
  • ID: "net.bioclipse.bioinformatics-feature" Name: "Bioinformatics"
  • ID: "" Name: "Sample Data"

Naming plugins

Bioclipse plugins are named like:

  • ID: "net.bioclipse.cml" Name: "CML Plugin" Dir: "trunk/plugins/net.bioclipse.cml" Project Name: "net.bioclipse.cml"
  • ID: "net.bioclipse.cdk.jchempaint" Name: "JChemPaint Plugin"
  • ID: "" Name: "Sample Data Plugin"

Naming branding features

Branding plugins (a feature always has a branding plugin) need to have the name of their feature, like:

  • ID: "net.bioclipse.cdk.ui" Name: "Chemoinformatics"
  • ID: "net.bioclipse.biojava.ui" Name: "Bioinformatics"
  • ID: "" Name: "Sample Data"

Bioclipse extensions

Plugins should place extensions in similar packages as the plugin bioclipse; e.g. a View should be placed in the package net.bioclipse.views NOT in net.bioclipse.plugins.views or net.bioclipse.myplugin.views.


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