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Development tutorial
Responsible author:EgonWillighagen
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Last updated:2009-11-24

Setting up the plugin Classpath (or fixing it

First step is always to make these steps:

  • right click on any project -> PDE Tools -> Update Classpath
  • Main menu -> Project -> Clean...

Both allow you to do this for all projects in your workspace in one go.

Setting the plugin dependencies

This view is the basic plugin dependency hierarchy. Getting this, however, is just the first basic step. The horror is elsewhere.


Setting the runtime classpath

This tab allows you to define exactly which java packages should be exported. I do not think the bc_rhino plugin is correctly configured right now, as it does not export any package at all.


Note that the export does not work recursively, so that exporting org.openscience.cdk.structgen keeps org.openscience.cdk.structgen.deterministic hidden!


It is also *very* important that the Classpath block includes "." as exported. Moreover, it seems that this *must* be listed after all jars.


Setting the build classpath

The build classpath is for running things within Eclipse. Getting this wrong will ruin your live demo.

Runtime Information

Like with the Runtime tab, it is important again that the "." is listed runtime library (can someone please explain me why this is not stupid and not the default in Eclipse?!?!). Adding the "." should automatically add the "src/" to the 'Added folder' block, being marked as source code folder.


Build Classpath

If things still do not work, also check the Build Classpath (right click on the project, choose Build Path -> Configure Build Path, and ensure the jars are listed there too, as in the example below: