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Name:Bioclipse SDK
Contact:Egon Willighagen
Bioclipse version:2.1
Wiki page last updated:2013-02-17


The Bioclipse Software Development Kit is a Eclipse plugin that helps you write Bioclipse plugins.

The current version is an Eclipse 3.5-3.8 plugin, as Bioclipse is currently developed on top of that Eclipse version. But it may work with Eclipse 4.x too.

Update Site

You can install the plugin from the Bioclipse SDK update site at


The current Bioclipse SDK consists of two new wizards templates, both oriented at developing a new Bioclipse manager. One template is for the manager plugin itself, and the second is for the matching JUnit framework to test the plugin manager.

New Bioclipse Manager Plugin Wizard

This wizard creates a new Plug-in Project using templates that set up the framework for a new Bioclipse manager.