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Ola Spjuth

Coordinator of Bioclipse. Responsible for Bioclipse core feature.
Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University, Sweden

Egon Willighagen

Jmol-plugin, CDK-plugin, CMLRSS plugin, free JVM support. Visit my blog at

Tobias Helmus

JChemPaint plugin, Spectrum Viewer Plugin

Stefan Kuhn

Maintainer of the Speclipse feature and its core plugins.

Dr. Christoph Steinbeck

CDK, administration

Dr. Jarl Wikberg

Administration, IBA

Martin Eklund

Algorithms and descriptors

Chitti Sashikanth

Miguel Rojas

Reaction editor, MEDEA Plugin (MS prediction)

Carl Manaster

Sequence Spreadsheet plugin

Bernd Giewolies

PubMed/Medline plugin / WebService plugin

Mark Southern

I'm seeking to integrate a 2 dimensional view of protein sequences with the 3 dimensional view in Jmol. I intend that features in the 2d view could be rendrered in Jmol via RasMol scripting.

This work will be based on code I submitted to the biojava project. See also:

Johannes Wagener

Currently working on designing the Bioinformatics implementation. In addition to that I started a Web Services Plug-In that can be used in combination with the "New" wizard to fetch entries from Web Sevices (i.e. NCBI or EMBL). However this plugin should offere other interfaces - in example for scripting - , too. I also contributed to the Rhino javascript Plug-In (Some sample scripts are available here).

Rob Schellhorn

Working on integrating Ghemical ( into Bioclipse.

Carl Mäsak

This is me.

With Bioclipse 2, I work on things related to Javascript scripting, SWT, shell and Perl scripts, HTML, and XML. I'm developing bioinformatics features in Bioclipse 2.

Jonathan Alvarsson

Involved in core Bioclipse 2 development. Also working on the Brunn project and on a molecular database plugin for Bioclipse.

Ask me about those "Bioclipse managers" and such Ttuff!

Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University, Sweden

Arvid Berg

Developer for Bioclipse 2 core.

Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University, Sweden

Samuel Lampa

Integrating BLIPKIT for reasoning with Semantic data, into Bioclipse.

Masters student autumn 2009 at Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University, Sweden

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